Matrimonial Process

Matrimonial Process

Intimacy with us...

First of all we need your intimacy so that we can know about you & your family details

Differentiate between Deserve & Desire...

We access whatever you deserve & what you desire. If all the parameters go well, then only service charges will be applicable.

Service Charges

In any case, Minimum advance (........) + GST & whatever matrimonial services charges is decided, will be charged at the time of ROKA. All the agreed amount + GST is respectfully due on final ROKA.

Visit Charges

Visit Charges (........) + GST in Delhi/ NCR. In case of out station travelling charges extra on actual bases.

Counselling Charges

Counselling charges (........) + GST for happy & smooth marriage life even before & after marriage.

Terms & Condition

I/we declare that information disclosed is true and correct to the best of my knowledge & believe and nothing has been concealed therein. I/we declare that the applicant has not at any time been involved in any illegal whatsoever. The Company shall not be liable in case of any wrong match due to any misrepresentation and will be held responsible for any legal implications whatsoever. The Company Reserve the right to accept or reject any application. Advance amount not refundable but can be adjusted in our other services.